Dining at Bella Vista

Eat. Well. Simply.

Since we began working in hospitality, we’ve relied on the best ingredients, local recipes and mountain air. Because people who spend time in the mountains usually develop a huge appetite.

Our menu, based on regional products, is of the highest quality and extremely energizing. Senales Valley roast lamb. South Tyrolean specialty Knödel dumplings. Italian tiramisu. These dishes bring together everything that makes our cuisine special. Simple. Refined. Down to earth.

Mountain cuisine with heart.

Hours of Operation

The Bella Vista kitchen is open from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. After 3:00 p.m. we serve snacks and warm soup.

We do not accept reservations. On the mountain, everyone is welcome.

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"Up here, you don’t need much. Good food. Good conversation. Openness. And the ability to enjoy yourself."

Paul Grüner, Proprietor

The Bella Vista Top Four

Our menu hasn’t changed much over the years. We serve delicious classics that have always made guests happy.

  • House Pasta

    Our House Pasta is not only a Bella Vista classic, but also represents a direct connection to the heart of our culinary philosophy: Mediterranean yet local, refined yet simple. What exactly is inside? That remains our – somewhat piquant – secret.

  • Spare Ribbs

    Even the most passionate spare-ribs-devotee won’t be disappointed when digging into a plate of Bella Vista ribs. They’re so juicy and spicy that very few people are able to resist them. They’ve thus become an indispensable part of our menu.

  • Roasted Senales Lamb

    No other dish is more connected to the Senales Valley tradition of sheep breeding than roasted lamb. The lamb is exquisitely tender and extremely healthy, because Senales sheep feed only on the finest meadow herbs.

  • Bella Vista Tiramisù

    The name tiramisù, arguably Italy’s most tempting dessert, in and of itself describes what it can do: “pull me up.” It raises energy levels, and move one’s mood a bit closer to the summit. Tiramisù makes you happy.