“The refuge is named Bella Vista, which means “beautiful view” for a very good reason: wherever you look, there are nothing limiting your vision. In these moments, all thoughts dissolve. And then the revival process can begin.”

Paul Grüner

Relaxation. Wellbeing.

Glacier Sauna and a Sea of Peaks

The crunch of ice. Clouds of steam. Being. Sweating. A sauna-ritual transforms into a simple yet unforgettable experience when gazing out over the Hochjoch Pass, surrounded by glacial ice, and contemplating the course of the stars in the heavens. We built the highest outdoor sauna in Europe in order to allow our guests to unleash elemental forces. And have a mind-blowing experience to boot.

Hot Tub on the Glacier

Delicate threads of steam rise up towards the mountains. The sun is sinking. Soak in the hot water, and take in vistas that sweep over the Ötztal Alps. This is the essence of being alive. We brought our wooden hot tub all the way from Lapland in order to give visitors an extraordinary experience under the twinkling stars. An open-air soak on a mountaintop? What’s not to love?

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Valley Wellness

The illuminating energy of the mountain. Brisk, alpine air. Physical movement in the great outdoors. All of these things trigger a purification process deep inside the body.

This is the ideal moment to take it one step further. Our four-star retreat on the valley floor, the Goldene Rose Karthaus Hotel, offers saunas, relaxation rooms, massages and beauty rituals using our GLACISSE line of skin-care products. The perfect way to combine mountain and valley.