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    The glacier: so close to heaven
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Relaxation at 2,845 meters

At the top of the mountain – atop the Hochjochferner Glacier, really – facts, promises and a fantastic place merge into four words: Bella Vista Mountain Refuge. Our lodge is situated at an altitude of 2845 meters, where the glacial air is brisk and crystal clear, and looks across a sea of peaks that doesn’t seem to want to end. Spirit. Body. An encounter with oneself and with nature. Up here, all borders are moveable.

Customs House by Goldene Rose Karthaus Hotel

Absolute Stillness


Sleep at the height of a glacier

An Eternal Feeling

Connect more deeply with nature, clear your mind and take some time for yourself. Fulfill your yearning for peace and quiet amidst mighty three-thousand-meter peaks. Allow space for dinner and drinks. And then end the day with a mountain-top sauna. Simply enjoy, and draw strength. A promise of beautiful horizons, amidst the Ötztal glaciers.



Floating above the clouds

Culinary pleasures

Down-to-earth good

"The name Bella Vista Mountain Refuge is no coincidence. Surrounded by glaciers, an endless summit panorama unfolds. Being without borders, the whole human being is rejuvenated.”

Paul Grüner

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Our World

When dawn breaks between the peaks and the day starts off with mountain views on all sides, it’s already something special. Here you don’t need much, and everything you need can be found at Bella Vista Mountain Refuge. Heart. Soul. Personality. A portrait of our world.

  • Simplicity & Authenticity

    At Bella Vista Mountain Refuge, many decisions simply fall away. Being here means not “always having to do” but rather “being allowed to just be.” The key to authentic and profound encounters is also found in this simplicity, in what brings us together as people on the mountain: the knowledge of power in simplicity.

  • Nature and Stillness

    Let your gaze wander, inhale crystal-clear air, set off in all directions. These are all experiences that go deep, change your perception and make the soul sing. Beautiful and strong, powerful and timeless. Many paths lead up here into this silence.

  • Culinary Pleasures

    Dining on the mountain has its own special quality. If someone joins us at the table, we make room. When hunger comes, it's time to eat. When a glass is raised in celebration, we smile at each other. Time is filled with essentials. And with pure quality.

  • Personalities

    At mountain height, one encounters oneself first and foremost, because the demands of the body are different in everyday life. Thoughts move into the distance, and the mind opens. The various facets of personality come to light: thoughtfulness, playfulness, laughter. We Grüners say: Welcome! The door is open. Our ears are open.



The Golden Rose

The Golden Rose Hotel in Certosa allows you to explore the Senales Valley from a completely different viewpoint. It’s a great way to combine a mountain holiday with time spent in the valley enjoying stylish rooms, refined cuisine and extraordinary sauna facilities. The Golden Rose